•        The MGF is aiming to provide opportunities for young Myanmar talented golfers to get into international level supporting by R&A development programme.
           Fairly and squarely, the MGF aims to provide opportunities for talented junior golfers to develop their skills and simultaneously, introduce the game of Golf to others at grass-roots level supporting by R&A programme.
           MGF also wish to provide opportunities for young children from community of rural areas to experience game of golf by R&A support. Indeed, MGF needs R&A support to enhance current development activities in Myanmar.
  •       MGF (Myanmar Golf Federation) has been formed since 1957, which is a national governing body in game of golf under the guidance of Myanmar Olympic Committee.
           The Minister for Sports, as a Patron who is also acting as a president of National Olympic Committee hearby.
           Myanmar Olympic Committee which is head by Minister for Sports to laid down necessary National policy. The president, Vice president and General Secretary of the MGF are nominated and selected with the approval of Myanmar Olympic Committee. Others executive committee members and general committee are nominated by the President and former members. Secretaries of all Myanmar Golf Clubs are also members of the committee.
  •       Members of R&A and IGF ( International Golf Federation), APJGC (Asia Pacific Junior Golf Confederation) , AGF (ASEAN Golf Federation).
           • Upholding the Rules of Golf and amateurs status in the country.
           • Developing the game of golf through junior programme
           • Organizing junior training programme, amateur tournaments at States and National level.
           • Managing the National teams to represent Myanmar in international events.
           • Organizing various others golf related events.
          MGF is managed by committee members who are volunteers. Day to day operations have been run by General Secretary and permanent management staffs- there are 3 total paid staffs currently. The executive committee members and management staffs are also required to attend regular meeting and briefings by Minister of Sports, Myanmar Olympic Committee. There are various sub-committees under MGF such are; Subcommittee of junior, Senior and Lady Golfers and Rules of Golf. Since the MGF president is also the president of the MPGA, for the time being, MGF also gets involved in organizing Myanmar Opens sanctioned by Asian Tour, Myanmar master (Asian Development Tour) and hosting amateur championships ( Putra Cup) and International junior championships ( APJGC). Regarding Local tournaments, Amateur Championships including National Amateur Open tournaments , local junior open & series are being held annually under guidance of MGF in Yangon & other cities .
  •        The golf basic training course has been opened for young junior students in every summer season from March to May in Yangon since 2006. This course takes 4 weeks and most of the attendees are beginner players. MGF provides all equipments and 3 professional instructors for this course.
           It is very successful Training course in every year. Many students are interested in attending this course. Due to limited facilities and time, only maximum 40 students are allowed to attend this course. We announce to open this course one month ahead in newspaper. Accept entry first come first basic. Most of attendees are from near Yangon city. There are several students want to attend this course from other cities and towns of Myanmar but one or two can able to afford to come to Yangon city and attend it because length of time and travelling cost.
           Our plan is that when we have enough budget, we wish to open about 3 places in Myanmar. Firstly, will start three places such are Yangon, Mandalay and Myingyun near Bagan. Next year may move to other 2 new places except Yangon and this school will be rotating between places and towns one after another. We assume that every 3 years our school will be able to return to same place in town of less development in game of golf. We except that those areas will get develop after opening our Training School 3 to 4 times in each area. Then we can find new places to move our school to. That is the way we are planning for future development programme with R&A.
  • Annually, there are at lease 8 junior open golf tournaments (4 - MGC ( Myanmar Golf Club) Junior open Championships & 4 – Han Golf Master Junior Golf series ), which are being conducted by MGF , several regular sponsor & donors. Today, some top junior players become national selection to represent Myanmar at International Junior tournaments. For the time being, MGF has just been working for golf development programme together with talented players (Including Caddies), parents & donors. On the other hand, it is very difficult to achieve our goal due to budget constrain.
  •        Today, MGF is trying to take part junior tournaments regularly such are;
           1 - Lion City Cup - rotating between member countries.
           2 - Asia Pacific Junior Golf Confederation - rotating between member countries.
           3 - Singah World Junior Golf Tournament in Thailand.
           4 - Jakarta world Junior Championship – in Indonesia.
           5 - Mercedes Trophy Master Final Junior Golf Championship in Thailand.
           6 - True Vision Junior Golf Tournament in Thailand.
           7 - Nick Faldo series in Thailand.
           8 - 100-plus Junior Championship in Malaysia.
           *Note*: some time Junior are sent other country like China etc;,when we are invited.